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Top quality backlinks
One of the main tasks that beginner seo marketers struggle with is creating top quality backlinks. Obtaining good backlinks can be a frustrating thing if you dont know your way around.

What you first need to pay attention to is relevent backlinks. Having related pages pointingto your website is the most important factor you need to keep in mind. So if you're considering getting forum backlinks, the best thing to do is look for the forums that have common things with your money site. Next that comes in place is getting your links from pages with high ranking (pr). "And how exactly do you do that?". Well, doing this manually is not a pleasant experience so using tools like scrapebox that uses search quarries and a list of keywords that can scrape a huge list of URls which you can get backlinks from and check thier pr is the way to go. Offcourse you need to invest in a little money for such tool but it's worth every penny.

Now sometimes what makes a backlink hold more juise to your SERP is the techniques used to obtain the links it's self. Building too many high pr links directly pointing to your website is something that many webmasters tend to mistake with. Meaning you should always look for new strategies that are recommended by seo experts. Getting only one way backlinks may boost your site at first but only for a temporary time and can lead to a bad effect on your site in the near future. One of the best techniques is using backlink pyramids. A backlink pyramid is a stratigy used by most(if not all) seo experts. It is where you create high pr backlinks pointing to your site which go in the top of the pyramid, then blasting them with a huge amount of the less important backlinks. This stratergy will purport the search engines to the importance of you site, thus leading to a better or a boost in ranking.

The last thing that you need to take notice of is try to get backlinks from all the sources that you can.Don't just use one method. another words, getting 10 forum profile backlinks/10 blog comments/10 social bookmraks/10 article backlinks is better than getting 40 social bookmarks.

Tips:1- remember when getting forum backlinks always participate in these forums so you will look like and important user which makes moderators reconsider before bannig you.

Tips:2- Never foget the importance of nofollow links. Always use a variety of links to make everything look normal to the search engines.

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top quality backlinks

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